The Presentation Book 2E

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Have you ever watched a television personality and admired how natural and calm they are while presenting, a Ted talk and wondered what their secret is, or a business leader influence with impact and wished you could emulate it?

Well, now you can.

The second edition of this no 1 bestseller will show you the presentation techniques and insider secrets used by media professionals and expert speakers globally. Having presented to over three million people for MTV and the BBC, Emma Ledden shares the method, mindset, and mastery she has learned to empower you to present like a pro to make your next presentation the best you’ve ever done


6 reviews for The Presentation Book 2E

  1. emiway

    The best book on presentation skills I have ever come across

  2. elaa

    Finally, a book that can guide the inexperienced and experienced to better results from the presentations they deliver

  3. nancy

    Very engaging … and useful … this book will encourage presenters to improve and refine their approach

  4. billy

    An excellent book , concise , yet full of great sensible , practical , information on how to approach and construct a good presentation . It also attacks the delivery of your presentation once completed . I have found it invaluable’

  5. mike

    This book should be essential part of your reference library. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and have learned so much. I think it should be a textbook for schools to help our kids get it right first time round

  6. Christine

    Essential for every level in business

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the presentation book by emma ledden

The Presentation Book 2E